Saturday, April 12, 2008

thrift shopping at the closet!

Lovely. just simply lovely i must say! and perfect for the summer which will hopefully be sunny enough for me to wear. i got this vintage straw hat from the thrift for 3 dollars. yay for me right! just pure perfection babes lol. i want to pair this with a floral maxidress, gladiators, and lots of wooden accessories. o yea fierce! lol not really maybe boho chic like Kate Hudson lol

purple and Victorian. well that's what i think about this necklace which i bought for 3 dollars at the thrift store. I'm obsessed. when i went to the thrift i was really looking for a timeless piece of jewelry that i could wear anytime with any and everything. i think of instead of pairing this necklace with something sweet like a babydoll swift dress, I'll pair it with my combat boots or light brown leather, like a belt or small messenger bag which are my new lovely obsessions!!!

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