Wednesday, April 30, 2008

simplicity and change, oh yea and fashion of course.

I'm in love with this pic, which i got from nylon Nylon feature this as apart of their story Return to Oz. it talks about the eccentricity of Australian fashion and Australian Fashion Week and how much they are obsessed with it. i think i mite make a remake of it soon, lol. the printed semi high-waisted skirt is one of my must haves. and wat makes the skirt better is the buttons going down the front with a slit. SO CUTE! and it adds a sort of innocence to I'm lying but it has a kick ass mood to it that is just Magnifico!

so i got this pic from and it really made me think about the one of the trends this season which is pale colors.the color scheme is so subtle and soft and for some reason it reminds me of coney island, like in Uptown Girls except not so dark, lol.

and this was my outfit of the day, which is so freakin plain. it's actually a tube top but they wouldnt let me wear it alone so i had 2 wear stupid straps!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

picks from here and there.

i was bored online so i decided to pick different pieces from different stores to form one outfit, and it just so happened that every piece i picked out had matched the same theme to another...... p.s: you'll find out the theme if u just read lol.

this mini dress is sorta like mexicali and boho but in a fun and playful way. it would look nice paired with a woven floppy hat or a fedora hat (which i am soo in love with rite now!) this dress can be found at urban outfitters

these gladiators look uber comfy and secure, where u don't have 2 worry about the straps busting through like flip flops. but anyway, i love how the four colors compliment each other and can easily be paired with, well basically anything. these gladiators can be found at

the bag i must say, really tops off the whole mexicali or boho look for the outfit. it really compliments the multicolored gladiators and dress. this bag can be found at Vera Wang for Kohl's.

i am sooo ready to get out of skool. the anxiety is killing me like crazy. but indie music, blogging, and talking ont he phone have been very theraputic in this time of BOREDOM and ANXIOUSNESS to get out a school that i say is lame, boring, idiotic, lacks creative, not as talented as they say it is, and filled with ignorant, brainwashed, rude, and aggrivating students. but anyway, i am in desperate need of shopping and arizona green tea. im also looking forward to buying wat i call the girliest, fabulous, and most extravagant minidress possible AND for a good price.

o yea and y do my posts always get messed up wen i publish them.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

the apparel that's american

ooo how i wish this was a bathing suit, but unfortunately its a leotard but i would still wear it. like maybe with a floral print mini and a fedora.

its sota like gym class chic lol thats all i hav 2 say

i luv this tee because it has a sort of vintage-y, rusty look to it in a pretty color

i am osessed with this bag! like omg i am going to buy it as soon as im not broke again! lol and its in my faveeee color!

the crisp white would look great paired with a pale color like lavender or pale yellow and my glaidators would look great 2 top it off with!

i had such a good week all last week even though friday was a little shaky. ive benn trying to work through the pain better in ballet but its so difficult and painful!!! and my sister found my leopard print steve madden glasses. they were in the car while we were cleaning and vacuuming it out. yayyy i am so freakin happy! i spent the night at my cousins house 4 the weekend 4 her house warming and we had uber fun and scrumptious food. hopefully thos week will be kick ass also lol. and this month i want 2 by:
-fedora hat
-floral mini
-mustard tights
-rusty brown loafers
-printed short shorts!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

m. craft, indie music, dior, life

a second post in a day. pretty odd but the late night boredom is awful i must say. cant go to sleep because of the excitement of tomorrow being Friday. no clue what to wear and still chewing on the same piece of gum. maybe a little Starbucks and sushi could help or green tea and thrift shopping. now that i have some gladiators I'm moving on to a floral dress or a maxidress. the maxi will definitely fit my whole "i wanna be a hippie mood", which could last long. i am listening to indie music (m.craft "sweets") which i just discovered on Cheapskate Chic's blog. such a lovely song and kudos to her for finding it. very realxing and it makes me wanna put on my chinese robe, drink arizona green tea, think about VACATION! lol ok but heres what i found on bazaar magazines website!

well despite of the metal looking hat the dress is pretty diffrent from what other designers sported this season and that is for spring couture of course. what really catches my eye is the sleeve that sort of has like a wing look to it where u cant really move around in. dior did a good job this season and the hats topped it off quite well.

good week, good days, so many magazines

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

life and nylon

Nylon magazines may 2008 issue which pictures Gossip Girl's Blake lively and Leighton meester was such a cute and stunning way to show the two fashionistas outside of the drama from gossip girl. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nylon mag also features Opening ceremony's new boutique on Howard street which has the Swedish label Dunderon:
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Caitlin Mocuin's fall collection has a fall collection (already!) which consists of high waisted skirts, drill skirts, double collar and tie front dresses, braided hair wraps, and mussel shell earrings.
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And Francois hardy and serge gainsborg have tees!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic but her haircut is kinda freaky in a cool way

So yesterday i had my dance company concert which i am so freakin happy its over because of the drama and favoritism in it and luckily i did not mess up except for when i danced into the curtain lol. and at the end of the show when the senior company,which im in, went up to give our bows and goff off dancing my dance teacher said that she needed to talk to me but with a mean face but i just left before she could.

I cant wait till school is out so that i can be away frum this dumb school and my annoying and ignorant classmates who think they know fashion but really dont! and i will be going to a new school next year (yaaay!). and i really hope to be on pointe in the fall --->
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

designers prices and my life

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

white blouse for inspiration

the satin in this top really compliments the voluminous sleeves and the horizontal lines going down the middle. and the black suspenders...instant chic!

the black trim looks quite spiffy with the white frilly-ness (if thats a word) of the blouse. the red jeans add a more casual look to the blouse but for a a more dressy feel you can pair it with a high waist pencil skirt or high waist jeans in a dark wash. but for me i prefer the jeans...i guess because i love colors!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

why not designers?

Ouick question: obviously going green is the "It" for now, but with the profit of money that designers make, how come they cant just make all organic clothes which is way better for the environment?

thrift shopping at the closet!

Lovely. just simply lovely i must say! and perfect for the summer which will hopefully be sunny enough for me to wear. i got this vintage straw hat from the thrift for 3 dollars. yay for me right! just pure perfection babes lol. i want to pair this with a floral maxidress, gladiators, and lots of wooden accessories. o yea fierce! lol not really maybe boho chic like Kate Hudson lol

purple and Victorian. well that's what i think about this necklace which i bought for 3 dollars at the thrift store. I'm obsessed. when i went to the thrift i was really looking for a timeless piece of jewelry that i could wear anytime with any and everything. i think of instead of pairing this necklace with something sweet like a babydoll swift dress, I'll pair it with my combat boots or light brown leather, like a belt or small messenger bag which are my new lovely obsessions!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

my recent finds from forever 21

i hav been craving gladiator sandals since like spring 2007. so for forever 21 to have them and only for $12.80 was a must-must! its really sad how cheap i am, but hey nothins wrong with being a bargain shopper!

when i bought this necklace, it made me think about the geometric shapes from yves saint laurent spring 2008 and kate moss in the ad with the star shapes going across. and of course forever 21 is the first, most fashionable store to transform runway styles to their own for very affordable prices. NOTE: my version is not star-shaped, but the whole YSL theme are shapes this season
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and here was my outfit for this expedition. amd that dress btw is also forever21! lol

dresses that i crave from forever 21

here are just a few dresses that i chose as my top picks from forever 21. hope you enjoy my commentary. and drop me a comment and tell me what you think

this look could be a victorian meets modern day girly girl

a colorblock dress is a must-have for this season. with the white and blue colors, you can pair colored tights with the dress to add definition

with the gray satin and multiple tiers going down, this dress can be an instant party dress

a red mod shift that looks like something that twiggy would wear. the red horizontal tiers add a definite mod look 2 this shift dress

this look reminds me an audrey hepburn meets little girl dressed up

Thursday, April 10, 2008

a real post on a blog.

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a little bit of me from myspace.

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the fabulous margherita missoni!

here are sum pics of her spotted at thakoon and erin fetherston. and also miss missoni is with irina lazareneu and derek blasberg

yes, i kno her wardrobe is sick. her style is a mixture of vintage and girly-grunge...AND I ABSOLUTELY LUV IT!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my prom 08 picks

These are just a few of my fave picks from, in which they are Atlanta prom dresses. If u would like to know where i found theses dresses pleas email me for further information! chao!