Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Arghh I am tired of being broke! I need cash now. Since we are having a three-day weekend (Monday off), there's an extra day for me to bring in those clothes I have to Rag-O-Rama. That way they'll give me money for those 4 pairs of skinny jeans I'm bringing and I can go to H&M to get those cardigans! Good plan, eh? I wish those skinny jeans could still fit me but I probably haven't worn them in like a year! There is a solid black pair, solid white pair, distressed gray pair, and a faded black pair. I just miss them so much! My closet looks so empty without them! I;m also giving them my brown wedges and two pairs of khaki shorts. The highest amount of money I hope they give me is at least $20. If they give me like less than $10, I will never attempt to bring them anything after that, and another vintage/thrift store can enjoy my clothes!
I also miss my camera. We were like BFF's! And I'm going to a concert on Saturday night and I'll be camera-less :(... No camera means not many outfit posts to look forward to so instead it's whatever.


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Look at Nylon Magazine's new billboard's in Japan. I think they are so creative and Nylon, except not as vintage-y as they normally are.

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I miss you Baby.....................Arizona Green Tea of course!

Well this is enough posting for tonight. I have a really long day tomorrow