Wednesday, April 30, 2008

simplicity and change, oh yea and fashion of course.

I'm in love with this pic, which i got from nylon Nylon feature this as apart of their story Return to Oz. it talks about the eccentricity of Australian fashion and Australian Fashion Week and how much they are obsessed with it. i think i mite make a remake of it soon, lol. the printed semi high-waisted skirt is one of my must haves. and wat makes the skirt better is the buttons going down the front with a slit. SO CUTE! and it adds a sort of innocence to I'm lying but it has a kick ass mood to it that is just Magnifico!

so i got this pic from and it really made me think about the one of the trends this season which is pale colors.the color scheme is so subtle and soft and for some reason it reminds me of coney island, like in Uptown Girls except not so dark, lol.

and this was my outfit of the day, which is so freakin plain. it's actually a tube top but they wouldnt let me wear it alone so i had 2 wear stupid straps!



love aesthetics said...

who wouldnt let you wear something alone?? the pale colors from the second pic and your outfit are lovely

Christopher Nic. said...

i love nylon magazine...& this blog is sooo true!