Thursday, July 10, 2008

my shopINtuition wishlist.

I absolutely love making shopping lists and wishlists, and doing it on the computer is even better. So I heard about like a year ago but i haven't been on since then. But today, something made me think about logging and searching through the pages of fabulous clothing and then it hit me tat i should make a shopping list. The only thing i didn't feel like including for some odd reason was jewelry, in which that were many! But anyway here's the Wishlist that Ive been tirading about!!!

Filmore Motorcyle Jacket in Black. $145.00

Nelson Double Zipper Sheen Jacket in Grey. $260.00

Ali Ro Silk Sheath in Black/Nude. $250.00

Nu Collective Tiered Shift Dress in Multi. On sale for $181.99

Plastic Island Tiered Dress in Ivory. On Sale for $92.99

Abaete Strapless Rita Dress on Black/Blue. On sale for $345.99

Eight 14 Wide Leg Pants in Ink. $145.00

Woven Handbag with Stud Details. $58.00

Nila Anthony Eyelet Hobo.

80%20 Diva Wedge in Ivory/Silver. On sale for $77.99

Jeffrey Campbell Maze Heel in Brown Python. On sale for $49.99

Jeffrey Campbell Frida Heel in Brown. $100.00

Okay, so alot of you don't know this but i aspire to just maybe be a model one day. And theres not much inspiration out there for me now (as in successful black models)
except for Chanel Iman, Jordan Richardson, and others that are successful now. But now I have another model to add to my list and she goes by the name of Jourdan Dunn. The 5 '10 British model most recently walked the Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier Paris couture shows. So here's my inspiration;

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

yes ive been gone.summer 08.

Hello strangers! Im sorry that Ive been such a horrible horrible horrible blogger. My excuse this time??: My computer wont let me upload pics so it was really no point in blogging. Thats a bad one isnt it but hey im sorry. So anyways, here are sum pics of my Summer 08 outfits! I hope you enjoy them and please comment! <3

So this is an outfit that i wore to my little brothers baseball game. The colors dont really fit the whole summer vibe but I really felt the need this wear this dress.
dress: thrift store Rag-O-Rama
scarf: given to me by my mother
gladiators: Forever 21
cat pin: given to me by my mother

I really dont have a clue about my pose, i couldnt really think of anyhting else to do or maybe i just wanted to have an abstract pose. But anyways, this is the outfit that i wore to a Graduation Party way back in May. I wasnt really trying to go for a Boho look but if you wanna call it that then okay.
t-shirt: forver 21
skirt: (hand-me-down)
necklaces: bill hallman store, forever 21
belt: some store in Canada
bracelets: some mall store

This is an outfit that i wore 2 my cuzins house-warming. It wasnt a formal get-together so i didnt have to dress up. The scarf i made myself, which came form an old, raggedy bandana. The hippie headband is actually a belt that i got from a pair of shorts.
top:wet seal
shorts: some store
hippie headband: (came from a pair of shorts)
scarf: (made by me)
necklace: some store

This outfit is the same one asthe one above. I jus added so you could get a closer view of my lovely headband! Ciao!