Thursday, May 29, 2008

mini bicycles.

hey! omg i prob havent posted in like a month but my computer was really fxcked up so i couldnt post but i will have an outfit post coming soon! but in this post i will be displaying these different patterns that i found on!!!

The thing that really captures me about this pattern is that I have no clue what it is. It could be waves with a twist or

This bicycle pattern has a certain 3- dimensional feel to it because of the light blue and red clash. Maybe if I throw on some 3-d glasses these little bicycles on the tee wil run all over my head again.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

designers all tied up.

This upcoming season designers have been obsessed with ruffles. But their latest obsessions have been bows.

For some odd reason this bow looks like it suppose to fit across the chest area but the bow was to large. But anyway the mettalic rainbow pattern finishes off this piece well.

I honestly dont really know what to say about this piece, which is by Marni, but oddly like it.

My fave designer designed this piece: Marc Jacobs! The bow is a tad different from the regular, cliche bow that we all know of. The black and white in the dress looks really neat because of the disformed squares (or rectangles),that are the patterns of course.

This piece is from Lanvin's Fall Collection. The bow top is fabulous and I love how its so loose instead of a stiff straight bow so that it has more body and you can actually move in it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

it was better.

Im going through another fashion phase: The Hippie phase. But my fave is the hippie headband!

Sorry about my hideous expression on my face. BUT pay attention to it, just my outfit.

t-shirt: sum mall store
dress:forever 21
tights: capezio( my dance tights)
gladiators: forever 21

Monday, May 12, 2008

pieces that form one outfit.

I really like the contrast of this dress with the wide V-neck and hawaiin flowers. Uber pretty for summer. I happened to find this top which is from Stella McCartney! (i luv stella!)

What I really find interesting about this high waisted skirt from Urban Outfitters, is that well its denim! And is it me or does the belt area look like metallic denim, lol?

These shoes are from Tory Burch and what i love about them is the low chunky heel. But I of course always have to have add my little two sense, which is that it would look better with maybe a wooden heel instead of basic black. Do you agree or not?

Outfit of the Day

satin top: Forever 21
torquise tank dress: Wet Seal
jeans: hand me downs from Old Navy
shoes: Charlotte Russe
bag: Vintage Coach bag from my mother

I would have to say tha my outfit today was kind of simple. And my new obsession with my clothing is cuffing my jeans! It adds a cool, beachy feel to my it's not as hot as regular jeans!


Friday, May 9, 2008

about a........

This dress is very (well actually extremely) interesting to me. I really like futuristic pieces, but this one has a sweet, innocent style to it, not the foil-y, silver-y pieces that define futuristic clothing. The structure of the dress is fantastic.

p.s: i cannot remember the designer but go on

What's different about these oxfords??? Well it's the detailing on the front, the tasseled end shoe laces, and the quite low heels! My fave is the deatailing on the front. And wats also different about these is that you can wear them in the warmer climates! From Forever 21 for $20.80.

I happened to see a pair of similiar patent loafers on the runway but i cant remember which line it was. But what i really like about these loafers are that they are patent with a sort of beachside feel to them. From Forever 21 for $17.80.

I am absolutely in love with these black gladiators with the black jewels. The jewels add a little dressy twist to the dress to dress up-or-down. From Forever 21 for $18.80.

Now i kno i havent blogged in a week and a day but i've been sorta,ehhh, lazy? i dont even have any Outfits of the Day pics! Grrrr! but here's an old one jus to refresh your memory.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

sari gueron.

Sari Gueron's fall 08 collection came in with lots of black, ruffles, necktie's and tie scarves, and black princess gloves. I'm not very impressed with this collection,but it was interesting to me in a way. i chose 5 of my fave ensemble's and rated them out of 10. So what do u you think?

i like this dress because it has a sort of off-yellow color and it has a bad-ass feel to it also. the black princess gloves add more to what this dress could be (if I'm making any sense???). and this dress is my fave color! (for all of you who didn't know that yellow was my fave color btw, lol)! i rate this dress 7/10 for my fave picks from this collection.

for some odd reason i don't know why i happen to like this dress. maybe it's the stiff- looking pufiness at the bottom or the silky looking necktie. its not my fave but it surprisingly made my top. i rate this dress 5/10 for my fave picks from this collection.

the oversize, double-breasted, cardigan is the best piece out of this whole ensemble. the black and white (or ivory) colors make this outfit a tad simple. i rate this outfit 8/10 for my fave picks from this collection.

the asymmetrical half shoulder makes this my favorite. it sort of goes into the Grecian trend with the half shoulder. the shoes i like, but they look like oxford heels that were cut in the front-and-center. i rate this dress 6/10 for my fave picks from this collection

i really like the ruffles at the bottom and the bow from the neck to the side. the bow would look nice forward also. i rate this dress an 8/10 for my fave picks from this collection

(eww the school bathroom, yuck).

sooo this was my outfit today. it wasn't as fashionable as i wanted it 2 be, but i just felt like dressing down today but with theme. i wanted to look ehhhh, dark? well that would explain y my hair is covering my face (well my eyes). my top says "Make Me Happy, Take Me Shopping", which is true because shopping is very therapeutic to me lol. it wasn't made to be off the shoulder, but i felt like my outfit needed a bit of my creative aspect.

AND hey i will be getting back into make tote bags and pouches again, so mcomment on this psot if you would like more information about it. ciao my fashion loves!