Thursday, April 24, 2008

m. craft, indie music, dior, life

a second post in a day. pretty odd but the late night boredom is awful i must say. cant go to sleep because of the excitement of tomorrow being Friday. no clue what to wear and still chewing on the same piece of gum. maybe a little Starbucks and sushi could help or green tea and thrift shopping. now that i have some gladiators I'm moving on to a floral dress or a maxidress. the maxi will definitely fit my whole "i wanna be a hippie mood", which could last long. i am listening to indie music (m.craft "sweets") which i just discovered on Cheapskate Chic's blog. such a lovely song and kudos to her for finding it. very realxing and it makes me wanna put on my chinese robe, drink arizona green tea, think about VACATION! lol ok but heres what i found on bazaar magazines website!

well despite of the metal looking hat the dress is pretty diffrent from what other designers sported this season and that is for spring couture of course. what really catches my eye is the sleeve that sort of has like a wing look to it where u cant really move around in. dior did a good job this season and the hats topped it off quite well.


funnyhaha said...

thanks for the comment!
and for putting my blog on your links.
you're in mines too.

The Clothes Horse said...

I adore Christian Lacroix's work. He is my favorite fashion designer, I love the way he uses color.

anna. said...

Starbucks [or a smoothie]
and a Shopping trip.

the three S's that guarantee happiness in my opinion.