Sunday, April 27, 2008

the apparel that's american

ooo how i wish this was a bathing suit, but unfortunately its a leotard but i would still wear it. like maybe with a floral print mini and a fedora.

its sota like gym class chic lol thats all i hav 2 say

i luv this tee because it has a sort of vintage-y, rusty look to it in a pretty color

i am osessed with this bag! like omg i am going to buy it as soon as im not broke again! lol and its in my faveeee color!

the crisp white would look great paired with a pale color like lavender or pale yellow and my glaidators would look great 2 top it off with!

i had such a good week all last week even though friday was a little shaky. ive benn trying to work through the pain better in ballet but its so difficult and painful!!! and my sister found my leopard print steve madden glasses. they were in the car while we were cleaning and vacuuming it out. yayyy i am so freakin happy! i spent the night at my cousins house 4 the weekend 4 her house warming and we had uber fun and scrumptious food. hopefully thos week will be kick ass also lol. and this month i want 2 by:
-fedora hat
-floral mini
-mustard tights
-rusty brown loafers
-printed short shorts!!!!


Miss Woo said...

I really wanted that American Apparel bag at one point, but the only thing is it doesn't have an inner pocket! Which is totally not practical I think..

Susan said...

You do ballet? Wow, you could have some right flashdance outfits! And AA is perfect I wish we had one nearby but the only one is in London!