Friday, April 11, 2008

dresses that i crave from forever 21

here are just a few dresses that i chose as my top picks from forever 21. hope you enjoy my commentary. and drop me a comment and tell me what you think

this look could be a victorian meets modern day girly girl

a colorblock dress is a must-have for this season. with the white and blue colors, you can pair colored tights with the dress to add definition

with the gray satin and multiple tiers going down, this dress can be an instant party dress

a red mod shift that looks like something that twiggy would wear. the red horizontal tiers add a definite mod look 2 this shift dress

this look reminds me an audrey hepburn meets little girl dressed up


kaelah said...

i'm loving every one of them, girly! i feel a shopping spree coming on!


fashionjunkie said...

I like these dresses. They are extremly cute. I actually saw the last dress in forever 21. That was what I told myself I was going to buy when I came back to that store, lol. What a coincidence.