Tuesday, April 29, 2008

picks from here and there.

i was bored online so i decided to pick different pieces from different stores to form one outfit, and it just so happened that every piece i picked out had matched the same theme to another...... p.s: you'll find out the theme if u just read lol.

this mini dress is sorta like mexicali and boho but in a fun and playful way. it would look nice paired with a woven floppy hat or a fedora hat (which i am soo in love with rite now!) this dress can be found at urban outfitters

these gladiators look uber comfy and secure, where u don't have 2 worry about the straps busting through like flip flops. but anyway, i love how the four colors compliment each other and can easily be paired with, well basically anything. these gladiators can be found at ninewest.com

the bag i must say, really tops off the whole mexicali or boho look for the outfit. it really compliments the multicolored gladiators and dress. this bag can be found at Vera Wang for Kohl's.

i am sooo ready to get out of skool. the anxiety is killing me like crazy. but indie music, blogging, and talking ont he phone have been very theraputic in this time of BOREDOM and ANXIOUSNESS to get out a school that i say is lame, boring, idiotic, lacks creative, not as talented as they say it is, and filled with ignorant, brainwashed, rude, and aggrivating students. but anyway, i am in desperate need of shopping and arizona green tea. im also looking forward to buying wat i call the girliest, fabulous, and most extravagant minidress possible AND for a good price.

o yea and y do my posts always get messed up wen i publish them.

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Marilyn Hayward said...

I have that dress on my wishlist at Urban! I want it so bad

style.street said...

the girl wearing the dress looks like katie holmes pre tom cruise! Those gladiators are neat

The Clothes Horse said...

Those gladiators are amazing. Perfect summer look.