Friday, February 26, 2010

Fashion Week: Fall 2010 RTW Review PART 1

Mmkay, so here is my review on some of the Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear shows at FW. There are definitely a lot of interesting shows that went on and I thought I would review the shows that I thought were really great and the ones that are not so much in my liking.
-First off, I have No.21's show which is Alessandro Dell Acqua's new collection. It's named after his birthday, December 21st, which is his lucky number. " Crisp poplin skirts, camel trousers, boxy knits..." I really liked the bold platforms that ranged in shades from nude (beige), fuchsia, electric blue, black, and my all-time favorite, burgundy. Also, I really liked the khaki trenches, sharp hemmed sweaters, leopard trench, hot pink trousers, lace tops, and sheer blouses. Overall, I LOVED this collection because all of the pieces can be worn individually, especially as statement pieces.

-Prada RTW: Okay so I was very much dissapointed with Prada's collection. Most of the pieces reminded me of old women who were scratchy knit sweaters and tweeds with cat-eye glasses, though I do like cat-eye glasses. My least favorite pieces would have to be the flared capris, knitted skirts, t-straps with the thick, knit knee-highs. I did like the dresses with the cut-out area under the chest area, and some of the knitted sweaters belted with a slim belt..and the beehives :)

-Lastly, I have Dsquared2's show. Dean and Dan had the models sporting slicked back hair, petite cocktail dresses, bustiers, tight leather gloves that stopped mid-hand, brooches, fur coats in jet black and caramel. I did'nt like the distressed-to-the-extrems top. But all in all, I would rate this collection 2/3 which really isnt bad at's just really from all of the fringed and distressed-ness.

Part 2 NEXT!

Friday, February 12, 2010


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