Monday, January 5, 2009

Peeping the Streeat: Part ll

I was simply exhausted last night to finish my post of my fave looks from There are now either 9 or 10 photos to give my commentary about.
By the way, all of these pictures of the people photographed are in my beloved New York City.

I like everything about this look but the super strappy heels are not hitting me right. I have a strappy heel phobia, and I feel that they have a 2002 look look to them. I prefer more structured heels like these

I like the way she has the different shades of gray all in one outfit, instead of matchy matchy whic. And those gray suede looking oxford heels are heaven. The white also helps alot because I think the outfit would look a tad bit dry and boring without it because of all the gray.

You may argue with me saying that this is tacky, but I love it because it's so bold. The ruched, structured shoulders with the ty-dye mix of green, brown, and a tad bit of orange makes the top even better. And the way she paired it with the white pencil skirt and the tights with the runs and tears is great!

*gnoring the blurriness of the pic*. That skirt is stunning. I can't remember if it's Missoni or night, but I think it is. I love how she paired the leather jacket with the multicoloed skirt. The only thing that's bothering me with this, are those heels. But luckily they are T-straps, so I guess it's not that bad.

Ahh I am absolutely loving the detailing of her outfit! I'm not sure if that's a top and bottom or just dress but she looks so chic. And I approve of her heels. Now of course I always have to find something wrong with her outfit, but that bag is so off. The polkadot design and the red are not complimenting her wonderful outfit very well. But all in all, I guess this look a 8 and a half.

This man looks so well put together. His cuffed skinny jeans are great! And those shoes make me want to melt. I just wonder where he got that silver "21" weekender bag from?

Ahaha her laughing face is priceless. Me being the "cardigan-crazy gyal" I am, that black scoop-neck one looks lovely with the opaque burgandy tights and high waisted skirt! Job well done :)

Not much to really say about this, except that her blazer is neat and fits her and her outfit well. But I'm not so excited about thatt red bag...

And to finish off this post, I have a girl who wore this neat outfit to Fashion Week. Most of the people on here are at Fashion Week, but I just wanted to point her out. She looks well put together "Fashion Week attire apppropriate". That's not real but I like to say that alot :p.Ahaha, there's nothing I can really say about this except that..idk.

Alright, that's enough for today. I'll post maybe later :)
Leave me some comments please! Ciao :D ♥♥♥

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