Friday, August 15, 2008

in a long time.

hiyaa! i havent posted an outfit post in a long time, well like i said in the previous over a month.
Over the summer break i purchased some new pieces to add to my wardrobe and i also made a canvas tote bag with a big front pocket(pics soon).
One of my fave pieces is my striped cardigan that i got on sale at Target for $5.80!!
Its crazy by how cheap i am but when i saw it i was like "OMG a cardigan for $6.00". The only thing wrong about it was that it only came in a medium and i wear either a small or extra small. But then it hit me that the cardigan would look nice as an oversized cardi, so I bought and i absolutely love it!

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[I dont really like the second pic much but i just wanted to show you guys a close up of the cardigan]

Another outfit that i really like that i wore over the was an outfit which included my: turqouise wictorian button down, hand-me-down multicolored skirt, and my brown Girl Scouts belt. If you read my blog youll probably recognize the skirt from my post on my sme of my Summer Break outfits.
I really didnt wanna wear the skirt long so I pulled it up to under my chest and wore it as a mini skirt.

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Anonymous said...

The cardigan is not THAT oversized, I think an XL could have worked, but I like it anyway! It is a classic basic, and very versatile too. Actually, that it is not that much fitted does has its merits!

chauss said...

hi l, thnaks for stopping by my blog. so, what did you do? and good for you!

Rora said...

very cute and sweet. i love the orange skirt!

The Clothes Horse said...

Cute mix of print in the first outfit and the second is nice too. I quite like the skirt.