Monday, May 12, 2008

pieces that form one outfit.

I really like the contrast of this dress with the wide V-neck and hawaiin flowers. Uber pretty for summer. I happened to find this top which is from Stella McCartney! (i luv stella!)

What I really find interesting about this high waisted skirt from Urban Outfitters, is that well its denim! And is it me or does the belt area look like metallic denim, lol?

These shoes are from Tory Burch and what i love about them is the low chunky heel. But I of course always have to have add my little two sense, which is that it would look better with maybe a wooden heel instead of basic black. Do you agree or not?

Outfit of the Day

satin top: Forever 21
torquise tank dress: Wet Seal
jeans: hand me downs from Old Navy
shoes: Charlotte Russe
bag: Vintage Coach bag from my mother

I would have to say tha my outfit today was kind of simple. And my new obsession with my clothing is cuffing my jeans! It adds a cool, beachy feel to my it's not as hot as regular jeans!


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Eliza said...

omg i love your bag! i have the same one, its my moms too! nice blog. come check mine out sometime if you can. love, eliza <3