Friday, May 9, 2008

about a........

This dress is very (well actually extremely) interesting to me. I really like futuristic pieces, but this one has a sweet, innocent style to it, not the foil-y, silver-y pieces that define futuristic clothing. The structure of the dress is fantastic.

p.s: i cannot remember the designer but go on

What's different about these oxfords??? Well it's the detailing on the front, the tasseled end shoe laces, and the quite low heels! My fave is the deatailing on the front. And wats also different about these is that you can wear them in the warmer climates! From Forever 21 for $20.80.

I happened to see a pair of similiar patent loafers on the runway but i cant remember which line it was. But what i really like about these loafers are that they are patent with a sort of beachside feel to them. From Forever 21 for $17.80.

I am absolutely in love with these black gladiators with the black jewels. The jewels add a little dressy twist to the dress to dress up-or-down. From Forever 21 for $18.80.

Now i kno i havent blogged in a week and a day but i've been sorta,ehhh, lazy? i dont even have any Outfits of the Day pics! Grrrr! but here's an old one jus to refresh your memory.

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anna. said...

oh that futuristic dress is fabulous!
i want to see the full collectoion

im sadly only 5'4

Pamela said...

Really like your outfit. I'm quite obsessed with high waistedness.

biancaaa said...

AHHHHHHHH I love your outfit! alot!!

Susan said...

The dress is Balenciaga, you should check out the whole collection and the last few seasons, it's all good. Sorry but I'm just a massive Balenciaga nerd. I also enjoy your outfit, very cute.

bear said...

the black gladiators from forever are fab!! i almost bought them this weekend but the line was way too long!

-iiROCKzCHII- said...

i have ma own fashion blog to!
u shuld check it out!
we have 2 totalli different fashion views but who cares!!

im in2 futuristic stuff 2 nd i wuld deff rawck dat dress newhere even 2 school (lol sike ma skool is to trashy for dat dress)

fashionjunkie said...

Love the shoes! Extremely cute. And cute outfit as well :-)