Sunday, January 15, 2012


HELLO! Being that this is my first post of 2012, I have just realized that this is my sixth year blogging! YAY ME! Blogging and the whole blogosphere has always been a love of mine before it was ever this major thing that it is in pop culture now. I've taken notice that some of my style has evolved from the five years I've been following style blogs and blogging. For the past few months, people have been asking me "Do you have a Tumblr?" and my answer is always a "NO. Tumblr reminds me of a BloggingFacebook where people are simply just resharing pictures from others." YES, I do reshare pictures on my blog, but the photos I share are composed into a post where I'm actually talking about why that picture is there. Haha, do not get me wrong, I do occasionally go on Tumblr pages (primarily natural hair and NYC ones), but other than that, it's just not for me. I enjoy my blog on blogspot because I feel like it's my own actual little website instead if like some social networks (I do enjoy facebook and twitter), plus will pretty much always be relevant, rather than Tumblr which will probably be out of "style" by the end of the year. ANYWAYS, I kind of got off topic but I'm just really excited but to see what new things the world of style blogging will bring me. :)

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