Thursday, January 6, 2011


My turban obsession has returned! I'm quite upset that I bought one last spring and returned it 10 minutes later because I thought it looked granny-ish. Now I must hunt one down. I've looked online for possible stores that could sell them, but I've experienced no luck. Last spring there seemed to many in stock at certain stores, those only being online though. Hopefully I can find one before the weather warms up even though I like how turbans can be seasonal, being warm in warm or cold climates. The other thing I have to try to figure out is how to fit my BIG hair only a one-layered turban. Hmmmmmm. I'm guessing lots of hair pins will be used. But as I'm typing this, I'm actually thinking about finding a way to make one. There are always tutorials on YouTube so that won't be so difficult after all.....ignoring my optimism. I should also be thinking about how I should be asleep right now so that I can give my raccoon eyes a rest for once!


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