Friday, February 26, 2010

Fashion Week: Fall 2010 RTW Review PART 1

Mmkay, so here is my review on some of the Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear shows at FW. There are definitely a lot of interesting shows that went on and I thought I would review the shows that I thought were really great and the ones that are not so much in my liking.
-First off, I have No.21's show which is Alessandro Dell Acqua's new collection. It's named after his birthday, December 21st, which is his lucky number. " Crisp poplin skirts, camel trousers, boxy knits..." I really liked the bold platforms that ranged in shades from nude (beige), fuchsia, electric blue, black, and my all-time favorite, burgundy. Also, I really liked the khaki trenches, sharp hemmed sweaters, leopard trench, hot pink trousers, lace tops, and sheer blouses. Overall, I LOVED this collection because all of the pieces can be worn individually, especially as statement pieces.

-Prada RTW: Okay so I was very much dissapointed with Prada's collection. Most of the pieces reminded me of old women who were scratchy knit sweaters and tweeds with cat-eye glasses, though I do like cat-eye glasses. My least favorite pieces would have to be the flared capris, knitted skirts, t-straps with the thick, knit knee-highs. I did like the dresses with the cut-out area under the chest area, and some of the knitted sweaters belted with a slim belt..and the beehives :)

-Lastly, I have Dsquared2's show. Dean and Dan had the models sporting slicked back hair, petite cocktail dresses, bustiers, tight leather gloves that stopped mid-hand, brooches, fur coats in jet black and caramel. I did'nt like the distressed-to-the-extrems top. But all in all, I would rate this collection 2/3 which really isnt bad at's just really from all of the fringed and distressed-ness.

Part 2 NEXT!


joyus said...

love everything! xxjoyus

Claire said...

That third picture in the Dsquared collection. I think I would like to die in that outfit.

Hannah ♥ said...

aaaaah simply amazing! loved all of these collections :)



Joezehh said...

21 is my lucky number.
i love the last collection! leather trousers are the enemy of the normal human being though :')
x x x x

SammyKins said...

love it all... esp the leopard print mac! thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! do you want to exchange links or follow each other? i love your blog! love sammy

Bucca said...

Some really amazing stuff here. Top left outfit for Prada = amazing as is the third pic with the 50's inspired dress. DSquared is just awesome with the play of vintage pin up meet total vixen!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

The first photo is SO striking! I WANT/NEED that dress! It is amazing. =) Thanks for the reviews!