Thursday, June 11, 2009


Doo Ri Chung's Pre-Fall 2009 collection in definitely RTW. I love how she sticked to one color or pattern pallette, which consisted of pastel blues and grays, black, dark gray, and this weird black and white pattern theat looks like splattered paint. I love how each piece is versatile. But my favorite of them all would have to be to second look with the pastel blue layered dress.

More looks on

These badboys are starting to grow on me now. You see at first I thought they had like a little try to hard goth or punk look to them, but now that I see that they are not being worn that way so I love them!
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And looks at these!
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And no outfit post today, because all I wore was a swimsuit!


syd vicious said...

Great collection! I like the simplicity. Maegan said...

LOVE the first two. dreamy

tailorstitch said...

must say the first two pics i love..the trousers though i can only see on a girls who has small hips

Virgos Lounge said...

love, love, love