Friday, March 20, 2009

Mexico & Nylon..

Nylon Mexico's editorials Feb. and Mar..

Like always, Nylon never seems to disappoint :D
So this week felt like a whole entire month. I am incredibly exhausted but yet have still found the time to BLOG. I have been told over several times this week that I put WAY too much pressure on myself. And with me knowing this is true I never get to accomplish all of the things I have planned on doing like sewing some tote bags and vests for Spring&Summer, as well as fixing my sewing machine that doesnt work the way the instruction booklet tells it to. I guess that is why I am not a big fan of electronics. All I need is my cell phone, ipod, laptop, and digital camera and I am certainly good to go. But since I have yawned about 1208656 times in the past 15 seconds, I think I will just put an END TO THIS POST!
CIAO ♥♥♥

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